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Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developer

To become a full-stack developer you need to have a proficient understanding of front-end development, backend development, and databases. A full-stack developer is a part of the development team who understands all these three main elements of web development.

Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Data modeling is the process of creating a simplified diagram of a software system and the data elements it contains, using text and symbols to represent the data and how it flows. Data models provide a blueprint for designing a new database or reengineering a legacy application.

ui ux concept

UI/UX Design

UX and UI design are related but not the same. UX Design involves managing the user journey as they interact with a product or service, while UI design focuses on the actual construction of that product or service's interface. UI design is usually considered part of the UX design process.

Oracle Database Admin

Oracle Database Admin

Database administrator, specifically in Oracle database, always is a very high priority and key area on the job position. As per hyp in the current market, the administrative job in the database, specifically in Oracle is already 11%, which is higher than other available jobs.


PostgreSQL Database Admin

Despite the overwhelming popularity of MySQL, PostgreSQL may be a better choice because its syntax most closely conforms to standard SQL. This means that you can easily translate your skills to other database management systems such as MySQL or SQLite

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